Leather Conditioner

Description:Leather Conditioner, with its unique pH balanced formula, helps protect your leather from the sun's harmful UV rays. It restores the hide's natural moisture balance, preventing premature aging.

Recommended Surfaces:

  • Leather surfaces

Leather Conditioner

Product Details:

Restore natural moisture and suppleness to your leather surfaces while protecting them from damaging UV rays with the power of Polycharger®!

Leather surfaces require special care. The pH balanced formula of Leather Conditioner safely restores hides' natural moisture balance preventing premature aging of leather surfaces. Boosted by Polycharger®, the UV protection provided by Leather Conditioner prevents cracking and fading. We recommend using Leather Conditioner once a month to maintain interior leather surfaces. For best results, clean first with Leather Cleaner Gel.

Key Benefits:

  • Boosted by Polycharger®
  • Maintains natural leather suppleness
  • Restores that rich, leather fragrance
  • Leaves a non-greasy, satin finish
  • Solvent-free, pH 7 formula


  • Shake Leather Conditioner well before use.
  • Apply product on a clean, dry terry cloth or a microfiber applicator.
  • Massage into the leather's surface by using a circular motion.
  • Buff dry with separate cloth.
  • For ultimate protection, monthly usage is recommended.

Note: Do not use on suede.