Frequently Asked Questions

What is your minimum order?

All contract manufactured private label products are formulated and mixed at a minimum of 30 gallons for each product requested. Prices vary depending on quantity produced. All private label products are chemically formulated in samples to be tested by customer for their approval before mixing in large quantities. Once mixed, Lab Zone provides the option to fill multiple sizes and bottle shapes at your request.

Do you make your own product?

We make our own formulations for liquid products, such as liquid glass cleaner, from raw chemicals in our USA based facility in Bradenton, Florida. We purchase all non-liquid products such as buffing pads, microfiber towels and applicators from our strategic vendors and are happy to provide distributor pricing benefits to you!

How do you get a sample?

Samples can be requested in the smallest retail size, so pricing can be offered at the finished product price for selected sizes and entire 60 gal drums. We continue to update formulas based on your specifications. Purchase products at YOUR Private label product price for each sample product size, bundle, kit or 1 gal, 5 gal, 30 gal or 60 gal container(s). Your sample requests will be sent within 5 business days following your initial call to ensure we have your desired specifications . All samples are to be paid for, prior to shipping, for testing.

Do I need to take the entire product ordered?

Yes. All custom formulated products must shipped and cannot be warehoused unless special arrangements are made with The Lab Zone. This special arrangement will include a warehouse storage cost.  Products can be drop shipped to any address requested, but not to multiple locations unless there is a complete pallet.

How does product development work?

We start with your requirements for each product you request. Use The Lab Zone quote estimator to inform us of the products you are considering. We start with one of our 700+ formulations, add the unique smell, color and viscosity to your cleaner, polish, wax, sealant, odor eliminator or rust/stain remover. We can also add our patented Polycharger ™ additive to any sealant or protectant product for season-long protection. We will continue to send samples for testing until we satisfy your exact request. Only then, do we consider your product completed. This formulation will be unique to you. Our reputation is dependent upon this quality.

Where is the formulation made?

All detailing products from car polishes and waxes to car freshners and other auto detailing chemicals are manufactured, mixed, bottled and labeled in Bradenton, Florida.

How can I obtain pricing?

Use The Lab Zone quote estimator to inform us of the products you are considering. We will respond within 3 working days with additional questions by email or phone.  Once your exact specification is understood, we will supply a quote for the sizes requested.

If I have my own product but want The Lab Zone to package, can this be done?

We charge a service fee to bottle your products from your existing drums or bulk container. You can select from our existing bottles, caps and sprayers that we have in stock for consumer, professional or industrial sizes or you can ship us your own bottles, caps and sprayers.

Do you have Labeling Services?

Our external label printer has developed artwork, plates and printed over 400+ labels. The Lab Zone uses automated high-capacity labeling machines that handle various labels for a quick turnaround. We charge a labeling fee to label your consumer, professional or industrial size bottles.

Will my product be unique?

Each detailing product is made to exact specification. Where other manufacturers offer the same exact detail product to a variety of private labelers, we do not. We start with over 700+ formulations, add the unique smell, color, and viscosity to your cleaner, polish, sealant, odor eliminator or rust/stain remover, with the option to add our patented Polycharger ™ additive to optimize the performance of your sealants and protectants. This customized formulation will be unique to you and will not be available under any other private label product manufactured by The Lab Zone.

Shipping – Your carriers or ours?

We currently have shipped to over 15 countries using land, ground, train and air services.  If you would like to get your own shipping quote or compare shipping quotes, we offer the pallet weight, dimensions and hazmat information. We have several freight forwarders that can get us a shipping quote for your order.  We add a minimum pallet service fee of $15 per pallet serviced, in addition to a pallet charge of $10 per pallet needed for each order.