Your Surface Care Protection Booster

With Polycharger inside, ordinary waxes become extraordinary waxes. You will experience:

  • Improvement in wax protection and durability.
  • Enhanced paint slickness & shine.
  • Reduced dust and dirt build-up between washes.

Is your painted, interior, tire, plastic, rubber, metal surface ailing from:

  • An owner with limited time to wax & maintain the exterior and interior surface finish?
  • Poor wax protection from products that don't meet manufacturer claims?
  • Rough, dull paint?

The answer is Polycharger®, the professional strength additive for car waxes.

Imagine only having to wax twice a year instead of 4-5 times a year. That's the benefit of Polycharger. By boosting existing or new private label wax, cleaner, detail spray product with Polycharger you:

  • Create a protective coating that’s extremely tolerant to heat and chemicals.
  • Improve gloss, clarity and slickness of the paint, wheel, tire, metals finish.
  • Cut your surface care effort in half!
  • Add years to the life of your paint, interior finish.

premium finish care

The only thing that comes through the ultra-tough Polycharger protective barrier is the shine. That's because a Polycharger wax finish won't wash off with ordinary car wash shampoos or detergents. In field tests, all Polycharger compatible waxes washed off with Dawn dishwashing detergent, but they held fast when boosted with Polycharger.

premium finish care

Statement from the Formulator/CEO Rick Vaal

"Most detailing products have short durations for protecting surfaces they coat, not meeting expectations of car owners or car enthusiasts. I formulated my own products, with The Lab Zone, because many of the products I tested, were not created to serve as proper "backbones" to withstand Polycharger® additive. After many years in lab testing, I developed Polycharger polymer H2O and CH2 additive."

premium finish care
Private Label Detailing Products Manufactured with your Company Brand
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You've likely used polishing and protectant products only to wonder, "Is this even worth it? I have to re-apply this stuff ALL THE TIME!" You're not alone. We felt the same, and it was the inspiration that led us to create the most powerful detailing additive in existence. Allow us to familiarize you with Polycharger®, our secret to success.

Cleaners, spray wax, waterless wash, sealants, interior protectants, tire protectants + more can be boosted by our strong-bonding nano polymer Polycharger. Even if you're happy with your current surface detailing products, you'll be blown away by the supercharged performance we can add!

Sample the unparalled protection of Polycharger and experience the joy you'll provide your customers with... An unbeatable, season-long shine that will keep them coming back to you for life.