Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Since 1989, The Lab Zone has provided businesses with industry-leading finish care products for military vehicles, sport vehicles, automobiles, motorcycles, boats, truck fleets, airplanes, RVs, outdoor structures, footwear, and household indoor and outdoor furniture.

The Lab Zone is a GMP/OSHA inspected and approved facility. The Lab Zone has devoted a tremendous amount of time and resources to its around-the-clock quality assurance staff. This group is specifically trained on both mandated and recommended GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices). They are experts when it comes to following OSHA regulations, and have been clearly told to “take no chances.”

Our stringent quality control procedures guarantee you and your customers the quality assurance that you need. Every product, whether it's a dual action polisher or a fiberglass and boat repair formula, undergoes extensive quality assurance testing. Each product is uniquely designed and specially formulated for that specific purpose. All of our general product quality assurance testing is immediately done in-house prior to the first container being filled.

All items manufactured at The LabZone are rigorously inspected by both a qualified chemist, and a highly-trained product supervisor, before being placed on the packaging line. No container is shipped to our customers until a second battery of tests is completed to assure the quality and consistency you need to be competitive.

Our GSI bar coding tracking system tracks lot numbers, shipments and storage locations effortlessly. Simply put, we can tell when every bottle is made, who made it, where it is and when and where we received the raw materials.

These are The Lab Zone guarantees, and we stand behind them in writing. All of our customers are entitled to a specific written Certificate of Analysis or Certificate of Manufacture with each detailing product.