Chrome Polish

Description:Chrome Polish quickly cleans and brightens chrome surfaces, such as chrome wheels. This ammonia-free, easy-to-use formula safely removes road contaminants, light rust, tarnish and brake dust on bike wheels and both factory and non-factory custom chromed wheels.

Recommended Surfaces:

  • Chrome wheels
  • Chrome bumpers
  • Chrome trim & accessories

Chrome Polish

Product Details:

Easy-to-use formula, Chrome Polish is formulated to work extraordinarily well on all chrome to remove tarnish, light rust, brake dust and other environmental elements that keep your chrome from looking its best. Works great on chrome wheels, trim, mirrors, chrome bumpers and all chrome parts, even bike chrome. Chrome Polish will give your chrome that sharp, crisp, clean look on your car, truck, motorcycle or SUV. Use Chrome Polish on your wheels, trim, mirrors, chrome bumpers and all of your precious chrome parts. Can be used on bike chrome as well as a motorcycle chrome polish in addition to any automotive chrome wheel needs. Chrome Polish offers exceptional results and ease of use!

Key Benefits:

  • Works on all durable chrome wheels, trim & parts
  • Removes contamination from environmental elements
  • Easy-to-use formula
  • Even works on mirrors


  • Always work in a shaded area and on a cool surface.
  • Wash and dry your vehicle or chrome parts to remove any loose dirt and grime.
  • Apply Chrome Polish to a quality microfiber applicator such as the Microfiber Detailing Applicator and work in a small area, using a back and forth motion with light pressure.
  • Once area is polished, wipe clean with a quality microfiber such as the Microfiber Polishing Towel to reveal a brilliant shine.
  • Protect freshly polished chrome with Chrome Sealant.

Note: Chrome finished plastic is not durable chrome. You can wash and wax it, but it cannot be safely polished.