Marine Quick Detailer

Recommended Surfaces:

  • Gelcoat surfaces
  • Fiberglass surfaces
  • Composite surfaces

Marine Quick Detailer

Product Details:

Lightly clean and help prevent future staining with Marine Quick Detailer!

How to detail a boat? Quick Detailer is a marine detailer Boosted by Polycharger, a detailing chemical; technology to enhance and extend existing sealant coatings. Lightly cleans while improving the gloss, clarity and slickness of the gelcoat and strengthens the existing sealant to resist future soiling. The high lubricity cleaner wipes away light surface contamination without scratching or removing existing wax or sealant coatings. Great for below deck and on gelcoat for boats, fiberglass and composite surfaces to lightly clean and help prevent future staining. Use Marine Boat wash for regular boat washing and protect boat vinyl surfaces from deterioration with Hi-UV Vinyl Protectant.

Key Benefits:

  • Boosted by Polycharger; to extend sealant coatings
  • Cleans light surface contamination without scratching or removing existing coatings
  • Improves gloss, clarity, and slickness of gelcoat
  • Helps prevent future staining


  • Lightly mist Marine Quick Detailer Plus directly onto a 2' by 2' area.
  • Wipe with a clean, dry microfiber buffing towel.
  • Note: Not to be used on surfaces with heavy debris or grime as grit wiped on surface can damage surfaces.