Metal Sealant

Description:Metal Sealant is boosted by Polycharger™ to ensure long lasting protection from road salts, detergents and paint oxidization. This easy-to-use formula offers a deep, wet-looking shine, plus months of protection!

Recommended Surfaces:

  • Aluminum surfaces
  • Bronze surfaces
  • Cooper surfaces
  • Brass surfaces

Metal Sealant

Product Details:

Boosted by Polycharger®, an auto detailing chemical, Metal Sealant is an easy-to-use formula that delivers a deep, wet-looking, high gloss shine, plus months of serious protection!

Metal Sealant is boosted by Polycharger® to ensure long lasting protection from road salts, detergents, and paint oxidation. Use Metal Polish on neglected or oxidized surfaces first to rejuvenate a brilliant shine. Works great on uncoated aluminum parts, wheels, fuel tanks and unpainted aluminum boats and trailers. This easy to use durable formula delivers a deep, wet-looking high- gloss shine while providing months of protection!

Key Benefits:

  • Boosted by Polycharger® for superior protection
  • Easy to use formula
  • Leaves a wet-looking shine
  • Months of protection from road salts, detergents, and oxidation


  • For neglected or paint oxidized surfaces, first use Restore to remove paint oxidation and follow by using Metal Polish to restore brilliance.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Apply a dime size amount to a clean dry applicator.
  • Work in a small area at a time, approximately 6" by 6".
  • Wipe residue off using a clean dry microfiber towel.
  • Using a dry microfiber towel, buff until residue is gone.

Note: Avoid contact with plastic, vinyl, and rubber as staining may occur. If contact occurs, remove immediately using a damp microfiber towel.