Tire & Trim Sealant

Description:Tire & Trim Sealant is a new polymer coating tire and trim guard technology that can be applied to most flexible automotive surfaces (vinyl, rubber and plastic) to coat, seal, protect and beautify

Recommended Surfaces:

  • Tires
  • Wheels
  • Exterior rubber trim
  • Exterior plastic trim
  • Exterior vinyl trim

Tire & Trim Sealant

Product Details:

Ordinary dressings can't match the long lasting performance and beautiful, glossy finish of Tire & Trim Sealant!

Tire & Trim Sealant is not watered down. An application of Tire & Trim Sealant for your car trim, for instance, leaves nearly all of the Polycharger® polymer on the tires & trim for the entire season, leaving them protected. Tire & Trim Sealant is all clear and have no color. Tire & Trim Sealant doesn't waste any room in the bottle with die, water, emulsifiers, powders, or silicone. They are indeed "Clearly Different".

Some of the Tire & Trim Sealant appear expensive. But take a closer look, you'll find that they are actually less expensive than most traditional products per application. It takes less than a 1/4 oz of Tire & Trim Sealant and an ounce of a competing product for certain jobs. The competing product would have to be 4x cheaper per ounce in order to compete with the cost. This is before you even factor in the durability of Tire & Trim Sealant which last much longer. Tire & Trim Sealant products certainly last much longer than any product that is less expensive per oz.

Tire & Trim Sealant is a new polymer coating technology that can be applied to most flexible automotive surfaces such as vinyl, rubber and plastic. It coats, seals, and protects while adding a beautiful glossy finish. Bundle comes with Tire and Trim Dressing Applicator for ease of use.

Key Benefits:

  • Boosted by Polycharger® for superior protection
  • The first and only multi-surface tire, trim, and wheel sealant
  • Lasts for months, not days or weeks
  • Protects against pollution, ultra violet light, road salts, harmful ozone, creosote, and more


  • For exterior use only.
  • Make sure area to be treated is clean and dry.
  • Apply a small amount on applicator and apply to the desired surface.
  • On porous surfaces, such as tires and rubber trim, allow Tire & Trim Guard Plus to dry without buffing.
  • On hard, glossy surfaces, such as your wheels and chrome trim, buff dry to a high gloss shine.
  • For additional gloss on tires, a second coat may be applied after 20 minutes.

Note: For exterior use only. When washing tires and wheels treated with Tire & Trim Sealant, it is not necessary to use harsh cleansers and detergents.